Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snowglobe day

I made a pita puff!! So exciting! Only half the batch puffed, but still! Better than last time! There was no rhyme or reason to the puffs either. Some happened on the top shelf on a baking sheet and some happened on the bottom shelf of the oven on the pizza stone. Happy nonetheless! They were super-strong too, not like the whimpy dry pitas that you buy in the store that break if you put anything saucy in them. I made some homemade lemon hummus (with dried beans! I'm trying to be good about not buying canned.) and homemade falafel! Everything took way long to make, but it was way worth it. I made up a quick dill-veganaise dressing and a red cabbage/carrot/scallion/olive oil/apple cider vinegar/spices salad to go alongside and in. I used the non-puffed pita's the next day as leftovers and made a mini falafel-hummus-olive pizza.

Tonight, I made Joni's BLT and Avocado Burger. Stuffing avocados into things is brilliant.

I'm not gonna lie. I was disappointed when I started peeling my Tie-Dye potatoes, that I scored at the farmer's market, and they weren't tie-dyed inside.

Baked potato and greens soup with french fry crouton! From Veganomicon and SOOO YUMMY. It was 50 degrees out yesterday, but was a snowglobe outside all day today. Soup was welcomed.

I had a sudden sweet-tooth urge at 11:30pm the other night, so I made mini-muffins. Chocolate-chocolate-chip-walnut. mmmm. I cooked them a bit too long, so they are a little crispy, but still yum! I used AmyArgh's blueberry muffin base, and just added in some cocoa, choc. chips, and walnuts. Bite-sized!

And lastly, I got a treasury tonight!


  1. congrats on your pitas puffing! what recipe do you use for those? also, i've been wanting to try those burgers, and now that i know they're good, i'll have to! and those potatoes! too bad they weren't the same on the inside... still, i bet they made an awesome soup :)

  2. Everything looks scrumptious. You're so right about pitas, they can be so weak from the store. Yours look fab.

    And tie-died avocado? What the whoa?

  3. I love hummus from dried chickpeas! I think it turns out way yummier than from canned.

  4. i eveny your photography and cooking skills, that food looks so awesome. How did the burgers taste?