Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A whole lot

Hello! It's been over a week! egad! Apologies folks. Rough week at work, lots of extracurricular work, yaddayaddayadda.

This has been a week of pulverizing uncooked root veggies in the vitamix. Yeah! It's like I'm trying to challenge it or something. Made a breakfast-for-dinner meal one night, with some hash browns and a wicked tofu scramble (asparagus!!) Hash browns were yum and I realized I hadn't had them in forever.

Chili! I discovered it really does make it better if you throw some chocolate in there, in this case a handful of chocolate chips! It was a basic TVP/Diced Tomatoes/rehydrated red beans chili with lots of spices and a kick to it. The chocolate is essential to all my chili's from now on though.

Now, last saturday, I did possibly the dorkiest thing ever, and I was actually 50/50 on whether I should even admit this. Nik and I did a Lord of the Rings marathon. Meaning, we watched all three Special Edition (meaning they were LONGER than the originals) disks back-to-back. I KNOW. It was his idea, just for the record. It took us 12 hours!!! It was the most slothful day ever. We ate junk food and sat on the couch all day. My wii fit was PISSED at me the next day! I contemplated making some themed foods to go along, but all I could come up with was onion rings. Haha. I googled LOTR themed food, and okay, people are crazy and I didn't research much longer. :)

So! I made Blondies! (Vegan with a Vengeance Chocolate-chip Raspberry Blondies)

And NACHOS! I used the nacho cheese sauce from Vegan Lunch Box. I totally ran out of cashews, so I just threw some tofu in it's place. Yum! I also liked the fact that it was bright orange. Very Kraft-esque. I put a healthy douse of Sriracha in it and it hit the spot. Oh, it did turn my tortillas into mush in 5 seconds though. I mashed some black beans and put some salsa and tofutti sour cream on it also.

So, I can eat beets if they are boiled! Nik's mom gave me this recipe (it's just boiled beets, raw onions, olive oil/vinegar mix, and some salt/pepper and carraway seeds) and it was yum. I made this salad up early saturday, before the marathon, along with the pulverized sweet potatoes/beet mixture for some Autumn Latkes (in Vcon), but we stuffed ourselves and weren't even remotely hungry for dinner later on. I made these the next day. I was only so-so on the Latkes, and they made a whollllle lot, so I saved half of the batter and made veggie burgers with them the next day. Leftovers of leftovers!

The Veggie burger made from the leftover Autumn Latkes. I just added some of my leftover mashed black beans, about a half a cup of vital wheat gluten, and a tablespoon or so of ketchup, and baked them (brushed with olive oil). Also, purple potatoes!

Oh yes I did.

And some in-progress' to swear to you that I really have been painting. My favorite part of painting is using different texture mediums to make fun crackles and granules with my watercolors. It looks so pretty when it's wet. Also, I sometimes have a problem where I like my sketch too much and have a big fear that the final piece won't live up to it. I think this might be the case on this one. I have a series of 5 sketches in this similar vein, waiting to be turned into paintings, but I might just end up going a different route on this one. I'm going to see this first painting through and then we'll see what happens.

Whoop, I'm out. I need to finish up some things and go to bed.

(hooray, the radiator just kicked on)


  1. hahaha... michael and i have totally had LOTR marathons before. it's nothing to be ashamed of...those movies rule! (inner dorkdom coming out.) we also had a harry potter marathon once, but it wasn't nearly as fun. all your food looks so great! i'm glad you've found a way to eat beets that suits you. they're one of my favorite veggies these days. and yay for nachos! we had nachos last night for dinner and it was totally grandiose and over the top. i like a lot of toppings, haha...

    oh! almost forgot! i LOVE that sketch! i think leaving it as b&w is fine... it's so beautiful!

  2. I so want to do the LOTR Marathon!! You lucky people. Sounds like you had awesome foods and oh boy do those Hash Browns look good or what!!
    That is a beautiful sketch - I LOVE it.

  3. All of your food looks so delicious! One of my friends was telling me about a LOTR marathon she had the other day and I was like "Oh god, that frightens me." I can barely even sit through one of those movies at a time.

    Those nachos look so good! Oh man, I've been craving nachos forever.