Friday, February 13, 2009

New Paintings!

I have some new paintings here. I've been in a superhero kick lately. Supposedly there is a Superhero Supply Store in Park Slope, that I MUST go to one of these days. Invisibility spray! Anti-Matter!

I am making a resolution to put more original paintings in my shop, not just prints, from now on. I usually find something wrong with the original and can't seem to put it out there for someone to buy. Prints are safer, in that regard, I guess. Silly, I know, but it's my own anal-retentiveness about my work showing through. Oi. I'm going to list them tomorrow, after I take some pictures of them hanging on an actual wall.




Ms. AppleLady:

All are watercolor on a gessoed pine board.

I'm so happy it's friday!!! And I have monday off for Prez day too. Woo!


  1. omg i love the super heros, thats to cool!

  2. These are awesome!
    Super vegan foods will save the world!!
    I'm just loving Asparagus Man - his Y fronts are just too funny.

  3. The world totally needs a Vegan Super Hero! Also a Super Hero supply store please point me in the right direction, even though it would require a road trip. I've been mean to visit NY for years anyway! And BTW I would snap up an original print from you 5 minutes ago! Cheers!

  4. yay! i especially love the asparagus man!

  5. how cute! i love them.