Tuesday, January 29, 2013

029: Bison

So Bison look like they are pretty chill dudes, but they're pretty unpredictable and can be pretty deadly. Like 2,000 lbs of pure force coming at you deadly. I was caught in a Bison traffic jam once, in Yellowstone National Park. I was the car right behind the herd that was taking its sweet time getting to their destination. It was way cool/scary/awesome all at once. I could reach out my window and touch them. Now these particular Bison were pretty desensitized and used to us silly humans oogling them, but still, I didn't get too comfy around them.

365 Days of Animals
029: Bison

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  1. Yay! My favorite animal. I love these guys so much. We visit the Black Hills in South Dakota every few years, and I always take WAY too many photos of my beloved tatanka. :)