Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday friends! Thanks for following along with my 365 project and for all of your nice comments! I'm really into it so I'm hoping it sticks for the whole year. It's fun drawing something different everyday and learning fun facts along the way.

This has been a tornado of a week, as I spent the majority of the time watching over Nik's niece, Chloe, while her parents were on vacation. Man, this little 3-year old has energy! We went to the playground basically everyday, and she just ran around with all the other kids and climbed everything in sight. It was great watching her build up her confidence each day, from timid climbing the first day to owning the place by the last day she was here. She wore Nik and I out, but we had a fun time! She didn't really "know" us before this, so it was good that we all got to spend time together.

I've been playing catch-up for the last few days since she left, but I'm super-glad it's friday. Nik and I are taking care of lots of wedding planning stuff this weekend. I'm working on designing the invitations and we're coming up with a guest list and all the info to give them. Oh, and I found a dress yesterday! Hooray! It's simple, unique, comfortable, and totally me. Phew!

Have a great weekend!

She found a friend. Snack break.


Hee! I love this!

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