Monday, October 1, 2012

...Annnnd VeganMOFO Begins!

Pumpkin Pancakes, from Vegan Brunch

So it begins!  This is my 5th (?!) year participating in VeganMOFO, and I'm psyched! For the month of October, I'll be joining hundreds of other bloggers to blog about vegan noms. I'm combining illustration + food for my theme (which I guess is always my theme, really), because that's just what I do!  Last year I raised a butt-load of money for For the Animals Sanctuary, and that was super-fun, but a whollle lot of work that I realistically just don't have this year. So! I'm just going for simple this year. Keeping it fun!

And can I get a big "Of course" for starting off the month with something Pumpkin?! Hello Fall, you're the best!


  1. Your VeganMofo banner is too precious

  2. yes i love your veganmofo banner also, so cute!

  3. As always your MoFo theme is awesome!

  4. Pancakes look great! I might have to try these too ^_^

  5. Yay for pumpkin! My bf is so happy fall and MoFo are here so now I will shut up about wanting to cook pumpkin all the time and actually do it! =) Think I'm gonna make these for him this weekend!

  6. I made a few little banners this year, but yours wins. I love your love of anthro.


    1. Heehee, as do I love your love of anthro! You always have the best ceramic pieces.

  7. Your banner is SO cute, Mich!

    And I am so looking forward to your posts - it's my 5th year too, hi5! I will have to buy another piece from you and make it a tradition!

  8. I love your banner! Squeeee! So adorable like all your art.