Friday, October 10, 2008

VeganMoFo Day 10-Coconut Curry

Well, not exactly curry. What do you call something that was intended to be coconut curry, but you realized you had run out of curry powder so you used garam masala instead? Still yummy?

This happens every end-of-the-week. I try to use up all remaining veggies before the new CSA pickup tomorrow morning. It usually ends up being a stir-fry or a curry or a pasta primavera. I haven't used coconut milk in awhile, so I picked some up on my way home from work tonight and put it to good use. I keep it simple: sauteed eggplant, carrots, green pepper, onion, garlic, and a few radishes in olive oil until tender. One can of coconut milk and spices (garam masala, black pepper, sea salt, hungarian paprika) poured over veggies and left to simmer for 5-10 minutes. Bok Choy and some chives were added in at the end. I ate it over buckwheat soba noodles and it hit the spot quite nicely. Lots of leftovers too!


  1. this happens to me a lot. Start cooking then realize I'm missing a key ingredient, make something else up.

  2. i do this at the end of the week as well. i did it twice last week, which resulted in the boyfriend declaring that curry is over for awhile, for us, haha..