Monday, October 27, 2008

VeganMoFo Day 22: DEOTS Tempeh Wingz and potatoes

Tonight was a comfort dinner, as I greatly needed it. I've had a horrible week, capped by this past fridays mass layoffs at work. I was spared, but so many of my coworkers, some who had been there 10-20 years, were just let go at the drop of a hat. This is the first time that I have really felt the effect of the nation's economic woes so directly, and it brought a somber mood to my weekend. Today finally came, after a feeling of dread all weekend, and the tension at work felt like there had been a death...

Sorry this is a somber post. One good thing that has come from this, is a clearer direction on some art things I have been working on. The mood and theme is all happy, because damned if the world needs any more misery.

Oh yeah, food. I made the DEOTS Tempeh Wingz with a simple side salad and some lightly seasoned potatoes. Apple-Pear pie for dessert.


  1. Sorry you've had a shitty week. That food would have cheered you up no end.

  2. it does sound like a day for comfort food.. i'm sorry about the stress at work, and also about your coworkers. thanks for creating happy art to make us all feel a little better :)