Sunday, October 26, 2008

veganMoFo Day 21: Apple-Pear Pie and Ny Art Book Fair

I'm slow on the VeganMoFo Boat this weekend, but I did make an Apple-Pear Pie! I've had a lot going on this week and pie is almost always the best solution.

Today I went to the NY Art Book Fair, held at at Philips de Pury. It was super-crowded, with today being the last day of the event, but I managed to find a few gems.

This is a bag that two girls were happily silk-screening right there for a donation:

This was a super-intricate zine and fun grab-bag I picked up from the Eternal Love table:

This was my crowning gem I found, from the Cinders Gallery Table. "Prowla," by Noel Freibert. Pop-out! The whole book is silk-screened, 3 colors (4 on cover) and a fancy clear-ish ink on the cover over the image (that you can kinda see with in the picture in the upper right-hand side) Holy wowza:


  1. Oh my god! Such amazing stuff.
    How cool is that Prowla!!!!
    I have totally fallen in love with that!

  2. totally, totally cool. art books are the best.

  3. Very groovy stuff. I love things like this but I am in a cultural netherworld here in Florida.