Friday, October 17, 2008

VeganMoFo-Day 17: Liz Lovely Cookies

I have a SERIOUS sweet-tooth right now. I just went to Whole Foods and picked up some s'mores materials (first time trying out Sweet and Sara's vegan Marshmellows! Stay tuned!) for this weekend and I had to get one of these Liz Lovely cookies. I picked out my favorite, Mochadamia Mountains, that have macadamias, coffee, and chocolate. They are super-sugary, but in a "I must eat this in its entirety right now" kind of way. I never drink coffee, so pair this with chocolate and I'm bouncing off the walls. Awesome.

I've blogged 17 days in a row! New record! I'm totally breaking it this weekend though, as I am heading out of town. Happy weekend everyone!


  1. have a nice weekend! that cookie sounds a-ok with me. and i'd be bouncing off the walls as well. totally worth it, i say.