Wednesday, October 8, 2008

VeganMoFo Day 8: Glorified Mac 'n Cheeze + Garlic Press

So my new favorite kitchen utensil that I have purchased recently, has been a garlic press. Now, I'm the kind of gal who, when the recipe calls for 1-2 cloves of garlic, I add 4-5. Sometimes I think that I am immune to the taste of it, because even with all the extra cloves, it still tastes mild to me. It was during one of those yuppy domestic field trips with the boyfriend to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, while gazingly longily at all the kitchen gadgets that I never knew that I needed, that it was decided that a garlic press must be purchased. The boyfriend was the one that insisted that I buy it, and I was hesitant and stubborn in my tiny knife chopping ways. Who knew how much I would fully embrace it?! It saves so much time (especially with all that I chop)! You don't even need to peel it! Just stick it in the press and squish, and out comes perfectly minced garlic ready for my consumption. I couldn't ask for anything more.

This is my glorified mac 'n cheeze dinner. I like my mac 'n cheeze simple, just pasta, nooch, salt, pepper, a bit of earth balance, and a splash of unsweetened soy milk. That's it. No breadcrumbs or broth or other spices to mess with it. The only restaurant I have been to where I liked their vegan mac is Foodswings, in Brooklyn. It's nice and noochy and plain. I took my little sister there this summer and she ordered it and LOVED it. Now, this was surprising to me, since most people hate Foodswing's mac 'n cheeze, but she said that it tasted pretty close to my mom's classic version, so it made more sense. You go with what you were raised on. My mom bakes hers, keeping it super-simple like mine (except, I'm usually too lazy to bake it and just make the sauce in the pan after the pasta cooks.) Crispy on the top, cheesy in the middle. Now, tonight I had all these veggies from my CSA that I need to start using up, but I just really, really wanted a bowl of mac 'n cheeze. I compromised with myself and just threw them in at the end after the sauce and pasta were mixed (keeping them raw, because I feel like I'm eating healthier if even half of my meal is raw?) I threw in leeks, garlic chives, garlic, and arugula. The leeks totally got in the way of my nooch-covered pasta, but otherwise it was super-yummy and quick to make. Steamed wax beans on the side.

Does anyone else absolutely love the smell of fresh arugula? Sooo good. It's tied with Basil for the best food smell.


  1. i think i need a garlic press, because i believe that i have the same garlic immunity! i always add way more than recipes call for. and you mac n cheese looks lovely. i've never made it that simple before, and it's refreshing to think that it can be yummy AND simple.

  2. I love my garlic press too and I believe as an Italian that I am immune to garlic because I use so much too. I mean when I make garlic bread you can smell it at the beginning of the neighborhood. This mac n cheese looks so yummy.

  3. Congrats on your garlic press. They certainly are handy little gadgets.

    Your pasta dish sounds delicious and I'm a huge fan of arugula!

  4. mac and cheese never looked so decadent until now....
    i want to eat this wearing a fancy dress and listening to sinatra...

  5. im the same way w/ garlic...i cant get enough :)