Sunday, October 12, 2008

VeganMoFo Day 11-CSA and Farmer's Market Haul

This is today's CSA and Farmer's Market Haul. Big one! Lots of lunch/dinner choices for the week! It was SUCH a beautiful day out today too; which made the farmer's market even happier (not that it isn't already the happiest place in the world.)

I was washing and storing everything and I found a 'lil friend crawling around on my swiss chard. It brought me back to childhood days of catching furry caterpillars and trying to keep them as pets. Also, it raised the question of, why do I freak when there is a huge honking green worm under the husks of my corn on the cob, but I think it's totally cute when a furry caterpillar crawls on my swiss chard. I guess I don't really like hairless cats either, but fuzzy kitties are the cutest things EVER.

p.s. Mr. fuzz went to live outside.


  1. OMGosh! He's a cute little sucker!

  2. i had the most traumatizing salad making experience this summer after a market purchase....i won't get into details but it involved me, a giant snail, several small bugs, one small spider and a word of a lie.....but we all made it out safely....
    i am glad your little critter did too...far cuter i must say...

  3. Here in Cleveland we actually have an entire festival and parade devoted to the "wooly bear" caterpillar! So cute and fuzzy!

  4. That looks like a great load of fresh veggies!
    And I agree---finding a caterpillar=not creepy/yucky/dirty
    finding a worm of any type=cause for cutting off large sections, if not totally throwing away, the food item