Thursday, October 23, 2008

VeganMoFo Day 20: Whiiiiite Lasaaaagna

I know, ooey-gooey-what-is-that??!? That, my friends, is a super-awesome garlicky white sauced lasagna. I really was going to add a little green into it, but when I opened my vegetable saver tupperware to get some kale, I was horrified to find a "frozen little green worm perched on top! Ack! Like, he/she was standing half-way up into the air! It was traumatizing! Such a dramatic death to be found for the poor little guy when he reached the top of the mountain of kale. And to top it all off, he crapped all over the container. Lesson learned: Never let the BF wash and put away the greens without supervision.

Anyways, back to the lasagna. I made a big saucy-pan full of the sauce (didn't measure anything, sorry...but I used unsweetened soy milk, blended tofu, garlic, olive oil, crushed red pepper, sea salt, pepper, basil, and some flour to thicken it up.) I layered the lasagna noodles alternately with the sauce and a mashed tofu/nooch concoction. Super creamy and decadent.


In art/doodle/silliness news, I am fast at work on my calendar for next year. Detailed sketches now, paintings later. Also planning on printing some new bookmarks/business cards with my gocco this weekend. Dr. Sketchy's is Saturday, with a steampunk theme and I'm going to see Broken Social Scene tomorrow night. Super-excited!

This weather is chapping my lips like crazy! H2OOoooo!


  1. holy mother nature, that looks amazing. but i am saddened by your frozen worm story! i don't like buggies on my foodstuffs, but that is just too tragic...him all stretched out trying to figure out why it's so damned cold. glad the lasagna turned out good though :)

  2. That lasagna looks amazing!

    Too bad about the wormy.

  3. That looks soooooooo good. Oh my.

  4. That is the most delicious-looking lasagna! Good job!

    ...and I'm so sad about that little worm!