Wednesday, October 22, 2008

veganMoFo Day 19: Chinese Take-out Burger!

I have been eyeing all of Joni's burgers that she is working on, for her new burger book, for awhile now and finally decided to make one tonight. I love that all of her burgers have such unexpected combos. Breaking boundaries man. Can't wait for the book!

I tried the Chinese Take-out burger, on a bed of greens, with some sweet potato fries on the side. The sauce is SOOO good, and I will use it the next time I make a stirfry. The burger itself was tasty, but I think I made them a little on the thick side. Good thing there was lots of sauce to drizzle in it! OH, and sweet potato fries are the best kind of fry that there is! nom nom nom.

Totally going to try the Thanksgiving leftover burger next month!


  1. That sounds so good! We live (my family and i) with a lady named Mrs. Gerri she actually has a catering business called creative catering. Occassionally we get to taste her sweets and other things. She mainly makes them for her husband (who is well fed) he seems to need sweets around...

  2. Those look tasty. For some reason I'm intimidated by veggie burgers - I think I've had problems with them falling apart on me.