Friday, October 28, 2011

VeganMoFo: Apple Cider and Bear Claws

Angry Bear is for sale here
Medium: Watercolor on Arches paper
Size: Approximately 5"x7" (image size is 4"x6")
Will fit in 5"x7" frame! Signed on back.
Note: I am doing a painting-a-day challenge for VeganMoFo, and will be creating a new painting of rescue animals or vegan food throughout the month of October, and placing them for sale. All proceeds (minus shipping) will be donated to For the Animals Sanctuary, because they are a pretty super-great non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary, in Blairstown NJ, and are vegan owned and operated. Feeding, housing, and taking care of these animals costs a lot of money, and as a non-profit organization, they rely entirely on donations. Hopefully (with your help!), I'll be able to make a size-able donation at the end of the month!  You can check out all the paintings I have created so far that are still for sale here! 

I've been loving apple cider* season lately. Buying a gallon every weekend at the farmer's market, and savoring every sip.  Someone told me recently that apple cider is not a universal thing, and that the cider in Seattle tastes like apple juice, but they still call it cider.  What!  I hope that this not true, because that would be really really sad.  The cider here tends to be really thick (you can't see through it!) and strong (and sooo good warmed up!), but NY is a big apple-growing region so it's taken pretty seriously.  Apple cider is so much better than Apple juice (gross! reminds me of hospitals!) They filter all the good stuff out!

*not the alcoholic kind, because Wikipedia tells me that "cider" in Europe refers to the hard stuff. And that makes me sound like a lush, buying a gallon a week. :)

I have this wonderful vegan diner near me, called Champs, that is pretty amazing. Like, if you are coming to NYC to visit, you should go out of your way and go there (and it's not really out of the way at all; Brooklyn is the best anyways!)   I go there a lot, 1. because they are awesome and 2. because they have really great baked goods, and 3. they serve breakfast all day, and finally 4. they have really tasty sammiches (and I love sammiches.)

I picked up a bear claw the other day AND IT WAS FILLED WITH MARZIPAN.  Pretty much making it the best bear claw ever.  On the weekends, they have gigunda magical cinnamon buns and sometimes they have vegan almond croissants!

I have lots of love for Champs.


  1. You old lush you!
    hee hee hee
    That painting is adorable - I LOVE the little bees. That bear claw looks delish - Champs is on my list of place to visit.

  2. Champs is definitely on my must visit list for next time I visit NYC (hopefully next Spring!) and I'll be getting myself a bear claw!

  3. I had hot apple cider today, it was de-lish. :)
    & I love the bear, how cute!


  4. i'm visiting brooklyn in a couple of weeks, so i'll have to try to make it to that diner! and the angry bear is my absolute favorite so far this month :)