Monday, October 31, 2011

VeganMoFo: Happy Halloween!

Super-happy about this charity project this month!  I've raised $310 so far for the sanctuary!  Thank you SO MUCH for all the kind words, comments, enthusiasm, and to everyone that has helped out this month.  All the remaining painting will remain in my shop and I will donate the money as they are sold still.  Cupcakes for everyone! 

Happy Autumn is for sale here
Medium: Watercolor on Arches paper
Size: Approximately 5"x7" (image size is 4"x6")
Will fit in 5"x7" frame! Signed on back.
Note: I am doing a painting-a-day challenge for VeganMoFo, and will be creating a new painting of rescue animals or vegan food throughout the month of October, and placing them for sale. All proceeds (minus shipping) will be donated to For the Animals Sanctuary, because they are a pretty super-great non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary, in Blairstown NJ, and are vegan owned and operated. Feeding, housing, and taking care of these animals costs a lot of money, and as a non-profit organization, they rely entirely on donations. Hopefully (with your help!), I'll be able to make a size-able donation at the end of the month!  You can check out all the paintings I have created so far that are still for sale here! 

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcakes, from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World

 So the end of MoFo is here, with sadness of course, so I decided to go all out with super-orange and pumpkin goodness.  Oh, and Happy Halloween!  I didn't dress up or really do much, as we had a freak snowstorm here (seriously, we have so much strange weather here this year...earthquake, hurricane, heat wave, snowstorm in October...).  Nik and I hibernated all weekend, watching scary movies, carving pumpkins, and baking up lots of pumpkin goodness.  Perfect!

Pumpkin Pancakes, from Vegan Brunch
I was going for a cute bear, on the left, but the bottom line kinda looks like a mouth instead of the bear's muzzle. Oh well!  Nik made a super-scary one!

It looked like this outside on Friday...

...And like this on Saturday!

Miles was confused too.

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  1. Cupcakes and pancakes and snow and your kitty and super cute pumpkins all in one post! What a perfect end to MoFo!