Monday, October 24, 2011

VeganMoFo: Seitan

'Lil Weiner Dude is for sale here
Medium: Watercolor on Arches paper
Size: Approximately 5"x7" (image size is 4"x6")
Will fit in 5"x7" frame! Signed on back.
Note: I am doing a painting-a-day challenge for VeganMoFo, and will be creating a new painting of rescue animals or vegan food throughout the month of October, and placing them for sale. All proceeds (minus shipping) will be donated to For the Animals Sanctuary, because they are a pretty super-great non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary, in Blairstown NJ, and are vegan owned and operated. Feeding, housing, and taking care of these animals costs a lot of money, and as a non-profit organization, they rely entirely on donations. Hopefully (with your help!), I'll be able to make a size-able donation at the end of the month!  You can check out all the paintings I have created so far that are still for sale here! 

Simple lunch of sauteed seitan, mushrooms, broccoli, and fresh tomatoes. Everything is lightly seasoned with olive oil/salt/pepper. 

Okay, I admit, I mostly made seitan because I wanted to draw a dachshund (but they're so cute!)  I don't make seitan that often, but when I do, it's great because it lasts for days and I can make a whole bunch of meals out of it (you'll see! I have more posts on it this week!)  My go-to seitan recipe nowadays is the red or white ones out of Viva Vegan.  They are super-simple, easy to add/subtract different spices and flavors, and always turn out great.  Win all-around. 

Happy Monday!


  1. LOVE 'Lil Weiner Dude and that plate of food looks YUM!

  2. That steamed seitan sausage looks so perfect! I use the white seitan from VV as my go to seitan too, it always turns out so perfectly.