Thursday, October 15, 2009

VeganMoFo Day 15: Grilled Portobellos!

I've been super into all things mushroom lately, and couldn't resist picking some up portobellos from a local farmer at the farmer's market I frequent. Since summer is over (and I don't have a grill or access to a backyard anyway *sadface*), I use my handy cast iron grill pan. Check out my grill marks! Side of leftover veggies from my stirfry, and some homemade pickled beets (yum!).


  1. hey! those look amazing!! i love love love mushrooms!

    btw...i posted my iron chef entry!
    they are some pretty killer (but kind!) lemon ginger vegan scones!
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  2. Visiting from the MoFo topic...I really like your Etsy shop pics - might have to order sometime!

  3. I love mushrooms! Looks so tasty! Love your little drawings/doodles! :-)

  4. Do you have a fire escape? That's totally how we used to bar-b-q at our old apartment. We don't have one at the new place though. :(