Friday, October 30, 2009

VeganMoFo Day 30: Tofu, taters, green beans

Hello! Happy friday! Coming into the home stretch with VeganMoFo! I've done pretty good too, for being a crazy-busy-lady this month. A meal that I make a lot, especially when I have lots of other things to do, is this one. I'll saute some onions and marinade/brown some tofu and then pair it up from whatever veggies I have from my CSA. In this case, I had some lovely potatoes and green beans. I like to keep it simple.

Making my Iron Chef Challenge tonight and it's gonna be yummy! Also, I don't have a Halloween Costume yet! Gotta put something together tonight.


  1. I've posted my entry for the carrot/pumpkin iron chef challenge!! It's a Carrot-Lentil Loaf with Tomato-Pumpkin Sauce!! The epidemy of autumn, served up loaf-style.

  2. Yum and v.cute drawing too! I love potatoes and green beans.